#Strangebutgood Salads: the manual

My Instagram is a dead giveaway that I typically pack a salad every day. It is cheaper, tastier, and healthier than most quick options on campus and I love tossing them together. Every Sunday, I prep about 5 large salad containers with kale and whatever roasted or fresh veggies I have on hand. Every morning I just think about what flavors I’m craving (or blindly reach into the spice cabinet) and come up with a new creation! Never feel afraid to try something new–if it’s gross, it’s only one day and you learn a valuable lesson. Here are some of my favorites:


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This was my salad yesterday! An easy kale salad with mushrooms, grilled chicken breast,raspberry vinaigrette, chopped pickles (I was running low on veggie options…), some pepper, and a dash of cinnamon! It was perfectly savory-sweet.

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The toppings on this one aren’t too unusual, but I added some chopped celery tops. I hate eating them plain, but you can’t even taste them when they are mixed into a big salad!

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This is one of my favorite ways to mix up a salad! Tuna is super-cheap so that is my go-to protein choice for salads. To keep it exciting, I mix the tuna with a dressing, some apple cider vinegar, and a ton of spices! Here I mixed up half a can of tuna, turmeric (high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory), and italian seasoning.

Do you play around with your salads?

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