Arctic Zero (Reviews+Giveaway!)

So I was lucky enough to receive a package of the new Arctic Zero flavors from the amazing Angelica and her team. Of course, I had to sample them all so my dad and I sat down and tried some of every pint! We have analyzed the data and what follows is our official report.

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In full disclosure, my dad is a die-hard chocolate fan and I need a strong flavor to be pleased so we are a bit biased. So here are all the pints, lined up and ready for judgment tasting.

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  1.  Snickerdoodle Dandy:


We liked this flavor! My dad is not a huge cinnamon fan, but he still enjoyed it! I LOVED it–the chunks were amazing and tasted like little bites of snickerdoodle dough heaven.

2. Banana Pudding: I don’t have a great photo for this one, but keep an eye out for future instagram shots of it! We liked this flavor alright, but neither of us are huge on banana so that could explain it. It was creamy and reminded me a little of banana laffy taffy in color!

3. Poppin’ Pomegranate: We liked this one overall, but was not a fan-favorite! The pomegranate flavor was nice and refreshing, but it wasn’t one to write home about!


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5. Brownie Blast: My dad just wanted more and more of this flavor! The was super rich and decadent and the added brownie chunks AND chocolate chips were certainly a hit with both of us. I am currently dreaming of plopping a nice scoop on top of a hot dessert (I’m thinking mugcake..or even pancakes!) and letting the chocolate chips get all melty.

Sorry for the blurry quality, we can’t be tamed around chocolate…

6. Cake Batter: I LOVE this flavor. Old Arctic Zero flavors sometimes fell a bit short, but this one is alllll there. Even my dad was surprised by how much it tasted like cake batter! This one is definitely my second favorite (following a tie between brownie blast and snickerdoodle dandy).

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For your chance to win your very own pint, simply pop over to my instagram and enter by 05/22/16. (Open to US only). For an additional entry, comment below with which flavor you most want to try! FIVE winners will get a coupon for a free pint of any flavor!

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