How to #FeelAmazingEveryday

So I am big on self-care, and funnily enough it is not as simple as it sounds. It takes time and effort to determine what makes you feel your best and no two people are the same. On top of that, I personally think that what you need for self-care constantly changes. Some days we simply need to relax and take a break from the chatter of the world, but sometimes we need the company of a positive friend. I have found a few things that I aim to squeeze in everyday, (even when I am studying abroad!) simply because they make me feel like my best self. I aim to do Blogilates five times a week (about 30 minutes each day), write in my gratitude journal every night, and get to bed at a reasonable time so I feel well-rested for the next day’s adventures.

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Although this is different from many of my peers (who must be Energizer bunnies!), it is what my mind and body need and I have come to fully accept that. In addition to these self-care practices, I have tried to eat well during my time abroad and that means eating a healthy breakfast every day! The Amazing Grass Superfood Protein line is perfect for this–what better for a quick breakfast option that a nutrient dense smoothie?

Amazing Grass Protein SuperFood contains a unique blend of organic pea, hemp, chia and quinoa, and provides a whopping 20g of complete plant-based protein. It’s a great grain-free, paleo friendly option made from whole-foods ingredients. I love that it is plant-based since I am working to move away from animal proteins, which have a much larger negative environmental impact.

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If you want to try out the new protein powder, be sure to check out the giveaway going on on my instagram account or buy here.

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Here are some photos of all the people in my family currently loving the Superfood Protein…

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