Home Workouts 101 (Part 1-Back)

I don’t often blog about workout regimens specifically and tend to keep it more on cooking, lifestyle, and new product finds. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to share some of my favorite workout routines. I’m planning to share workouts by the area of the body they work: back, arms, legs, abs, and maybe some total body in there! I stick to Blogilates workouts generally, but there are a few videos out there that I love that come from a variety of awesome trainers and sites. Let me know what you think of the series and please share any of your favorite videos! I’m always looking for a fun new workout. Here’s back day–enjoy!

Blogilates, “Quick Burn Standing Back Workout”:

The Live Fit Girls, “Bringing Sexy Back”:

An Early Blogilates Back Workout, “Back Attack”:

A personal favorite, make sure to try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdSRfdu_dLU 

Hope you caught the last one! 😉 I think the most important thing is to find what kind of exercise gives you energy, makes you happy, and helps you feel strong. What are your go to back workouts?


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