JORD Wooden Watch Giveaway (12/11)

It’s almost DECEMBER! I am slightly horrified, but also thrilled that this means it is the holiday season. I posted about my JORD watches in my holiday gift guide, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to host a giveaway for JORD, as well! I personally have the Conway style watch and am in love with it..I mean look at it:


I am usually not a huge fan of watches, but this one is stylish, easy to read, and sustainable. There are tons of different styles available and this simple Conway look fits me perfectly. I was tempted by the Frankie style, as well:

Source: JORD site, @r_marco

Luckily, here is your chance to win a watch of your own! Look below for details on how to enter.

The contest link is LIVE! When you enter, you will instantly be emailed a $25 coupon code, and it will run until 12/11. The coupon code will expire on 2/28/2017.

Wooden Wristwatch

Feel Love, Feel Gratitude

No  one’s life is ever simple, no matter what their facebook, instagram, or even in-person conversation might portray. I think it is easy to fall into the trap of comparison, especially around the holidays. Like many, I know I experience a huge spike in stress around the holiday season. Between being a student taking final exams and finding just the right gift for loved ones, it can feel overwhelming.


This year has been a challenge for my family, it has felt like there was a catastrophe every other week or every month. I have struggled to keep gratitude in mind during these tough times, but days like Thanksgiving put it back in perspective. Sitting with my family, chopping veggies, making throwback jello salad, watching the Macy’s Day Parade–this is what matters. These moments, however fleeting, give me a sense of grounding and fill me to the brim with contentment.


No one has the perfect life or family, but taking the time to appreciate the moments that are so filled with love and so calm makes even the hardest times manageable. I am currently taking a Psychology of Family and Relationships course at school, and this class has given me so much insight. We all want to have a happy, positive time when we are together as a family, although sometimes our expectations, perceptions, and communication strategies do not make that feel like it is the case. For example, overly high expectations inevitably lead to disappointment, whereas low expectation can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy if we simply choose to not make an effort. Although it is difficult, I have tried to maintain positive, moderate, and realistic expectations and know that this approach will lead to a happier holiday season.






Keeping these lesson in mind and taking the time to practice self-care has made my Thanksgiving holiday a tranquil experience, leaving many of my usual stressors behind. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Holiday Gift Round-Up (Part 2)

Now, my last post featured an amazing gift, but it may not be in everyone’s price range. As a college student, I completely understand that budget-friendly options are a must when trying to buy gifts for friends and family! Keeping this in mind, this list is a compilation of my favorite gift options with price tags that aren’t much higher than $30.

    1. Derma-e: I LOVE this skincare line. It is 100% vegan, eco-ethical, and cruelty-free, aka there is ZERO guilt associated with this product. The company gives back to numerous non-profits, both local and global. I personally use their facial cleanser, make-up remover, and scrub and have not had any bad reactions (and my skin is highly sensitive). Their products don’t have any overpowering fragrances either. This is one of my go-to gifts for my mom–she loves their anti-aging skincare line!Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.04.53 PM.png
    2. Quest Bars: I am obviously obsessed with these bars. These are delicious, healthy, and there are three new flavors of quest bars, as well as other delicious new products (BEYOND CEREAL BARS). Buying a box of these or a box of mixed flavor bars is a great way to support someone looking to get healthy!Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 3.44.08 PM.png
    3. Detour Bars: Detour Bars are a great alternative for for people looking for a typical chocolate coated candy-like bar or an oatmeal based bar (SMART bars). Use code HAPPY20 for 20% off a first purchase!FullSizeRender-2.jpg


4. Etsy: I LOVE this website. I highly recommend utilizing the search features and type in any ideas you have. I have had great success in finding very specific things. Additionally, there are numerous options to purchase customized, handmade options. I’ve bought embroidered tea towels, personalized jewelry, and tons of other special items for loved ones and highly recommend the site! Plus, usually the sellers are individuals or small businesses rather than large corporations.

5. Make a Donation: This is such a great way to give when someone does not have anything they want or is trying to decrease clutter. There are numerous ways to go about doing this; it can be especially meaningful if you know what kinds of charities your recipient is passionate about. Many organizations offer options to make a donation in someone’s name, which adds a special touch.


Have you bought any of these products before? Are you an Etsy fan? Did I leave anything out?


Holiday Gift Round-Up (Part 1)

I often struggle to come up with unique, personalized gifts during the holidays. I always try to come up with something special, but it can be tricky, especially for those who don’t come up with a wish list. In this series of posts I am going to share a few unique products I have found and think make for great gifts this holiday season.
My watch, the Conway Series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood, (pictured above) can be found in the women’s shop, but the website is full of options for everyone. This gift is perfect for that special someone or family member. I do not frequently buy jewelry, but I like products that are built to last. This watch was uniquely fitted to my wrist and you can see the natural details of the wood. Perusing the JORD website provides information on the different types of wood–telling you how tall the tree grows, how sustainable a certain wood is, etc. The watch face is made from sapphire glass, which is the second-hardest watch face material (second to diamond)–making it scratch resistant and durable.


JORD ships out orders within 24 hours with free shipping, which is great for last minute shopping. JORD has great return policies (a MUST for holiday gifts, no matter how perfect they might be) so you can rest easy giving this gift, although I don’t know who would’t want to keep it.
All in all, I am very pleased with my JORD watch and it makes a great unique gift. This purchase also supports a small company, which I always strive to consider when making holiday purchases.

Do you struggle to come up with unique gift ideas? Have you seen JORD watches before?

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but all opinions are my own.

Wooden Wristwatch

Holidays and Health + (Giveaway 11/25)

The holidays are coming…how are you feeling? Are you tired? Do you feel energized? Are you burnt out? Are you anxious?

The media often focuses on other health effects of the holidays, such as weight gain, excessive sugar consumption, or lack of exercise. Yes, all of these are important, but physical stress of the holidays do not tell the whole story.


Physical activity and eating well are acts of self-care; this does not mean taking a break from working out or eating a few cookies is a bad thing. When we listen and are in tune with our body, we know that these breaks and treats are necessary. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but “letting life get in the way” for the whole holiday season is not healthy. It is important to keep self-care in mind and know that even the craziness of the holidays should not have a long-term negative impact on your wellbeing. Exercise is a potent stress reliever and allows time for escape, quite, and reflection–or perhaps a complete lack of thinking for those into SoulCycle or other extraordinarily loud exercise classes!

A photo posted by Hannah (@craving_happy) on


Obviously these choices are not easy, but sometimes taking an hour away from holiday festivities, whether that means skipping your tenth holiday party or heading to the gym for an hour during a family holiday trip, is the best choice. Please do not neglect your physical and mental wellbeing this holiday season. Luckily, Designer Protein is making it easy with a GIVEAWAY and series on staying healthy throughout the holidays.

Now, for the details of the giveaway…you can win your own Designer Protein product! In order to enter:

Follow @craving_happy and @designerprotein on Instagram
Describe your number one tip for staying healthy this holiday season on an Instagram post of your own using #healthupyourholidays @designerprotein @craving_happy #sweatpink
Extra entry: visit and leaving a comment with the product you would most like to try