JORD Wooden Watch Giveaway (12/11)

It’s almost DECEMBER! I am slightly horrified, but also thrilled that this means it is the holiday season. I posted about my JORD watches in my holiday gift guide, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to host a giveaway for JORD, as well! I personally have the Conway style watch and am in love with it..I mean look at it:


I am usually not a huge fan of watches, but this one is stylish, easy to read, and sustainable. There are tons of different styles available and this simple Conway look fits me perfectly. I was tempted by the Frankie style, as well:

Source: JORD site, @r_marco

Luckily, here is your chance to win a watch of your own! Look below for details on how to enter.

The contest link is LIVE! When you enter, you will instantly be emailed a $25 coupon code, and it will run until 12/11. The coupon code will expire on 2/28/2017.

Wooden Wristwatch

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