Ted Talk Friday: Grit

I think grit is what differentiates people who excel versus individuals who do well and “make it by.” Everyone I know who has achieved amazing things has an immense amount of grit. While hard work is not always everything–I don’t think that people who struggle simply aren’t trying–grit is the key to accomplishing many tasks. You’ll notice that this talk ties in very well with last week’s Ted Talk on growth mindset with Dr. Carol Dweck. Grit is so important, especially for people who don’t feel particularly gifted with one skill or “special” talent. Being smart, funny, or gifted is not everything…it’s about putting in the work.

Do you feel like you have grit? Where did you learn it?

2 thoughts on “Ted Talk Friday: Grit

  1. Love this ! So true, My Mother and Grandfather were both Professional athletes and they always said that it comes down to what you do when your dead tired, and don’t think you can do anymore. The people that push on through are the ones that have what it takes! While everyone else was sleeping, parting…… they were working there butts off. Great article

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Patrick! Wow, that is amazing. That is so true–there is something to be said for that determination, even when it’s exhausting. Hard work certainly pays off 🙂

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