Ted Talk Friday: Good Boundaries Free You

I have found that boundaries are one of the most challenging things to maintain in relationships. We are not taught them, and they are often seen as cold, unkind, or distant. I love this talk because it highlights the real benefits of boundaries and how they can improve both your own life, but also your relationships. Boundaries in work, relationships, and with ourselves are crucial and I think Sarri GilmanSarri GilmanSarri Gilman does a great job explaining that.

How do you practice good boundaries? Where do you find boundaries the most challenging?

Wise words from a professor

As a senior in college, I am facing some major life choices as I decide where to go and what to do next. I struggle with change, and making this decision has been a great challenge for me. As such, I have been reaching out to numerous friends, mentors, and professors to gain their insight and advice. While advice can only get you so far, I have found that many lessons and ideas have helped me reach my own conclusions in a more confident way.


There was one conversation that was particularly striking; I met with one of my favorite professors (and mentors) on campus and we discussed his experiences, my options, and his philosophy on living. He is a deep believer in finding a career that combines work and play. While I agree, it is difficult to use that belief as guidance as you embark on a first career choice–a time when there are innumerable paths and options.

Given this problem, he told me about his bucket theory. Here is the idea:
1) You have three buckets
2) Time, Security/Financial Security, Loving what you do
3) Make sure at least two are full, while filling all three is ideal…it might not always be possible

Don’t mind my scribbling, but this is the picture I drew as he described his theory to me:

Using this theory, I decided on the next step in my life. I made a difficult choice…but I know I will be filling the buckets of time and loving what I am doing. It might not be secure, which scares me, but I am beyond excited. I am so grateful for guidance from such wonderful people and can’t wait to start my life in the grown-up world!

How do you make big decisions? Do you have trusted mentors to turn to?

Ted Talk Friday: How healthy living nearly killed me

I am a huge fan of AJ Jacobs–he has written a ton of fascinating, hilarious books. This Ted Talk does a great job of summing up lessons he learned through living the “healthiest” life possible. This is a perfect testament to the danger in taking something to an extreme. His descriptions of endless sunscreen application truly encapsulate the issues that come with following instructions for ideal health. In a health-obsessed world, his experience really adds a nice contrast and adds support to the value of living a balanced life.

What do you think about AJ’s experience with healthy living? Do you think balance is harder than extremes?

Bulu box: Christmas every month 

When I got the chance to try out a month long subscription to bulu box, I was thrilled! I used to get the box years ago, but let it lapse. I completely forgot how much fun it is to get a box of surprise goodies every month!

I opened up my March box and found a TON of fun new things to try:

When I saw that the box included a daily dark chocolate supplement, I was sold! Of course I had to share this with my dad, and he gave the mini bars two thumbs up!

A great iron supplement for sensitive tummies:

My favorite gummy vitamins–Smarty Pants! I love the taste and texture of these vitamins, plus the name is fantastic. You know that $2 coupon will come in handy 😉

I wasn’t a huge fan of the cleanse product, but it’s still fun to try a new brand! I’ve heard good things about Shapeologist. 
I cannot wait to try Crave Crush! This product sounds kind of like a mint when you are just feeling peckish, but not really hungry. I have the tendency to mindlessly snack so much before dinner that I’m not even hungry when the meal is ready–this could be a helpful solution!

I have seen tons of other fiber supplements, but I’ve never seen a liquid quite like this. I can’t wait to see how it tastes; I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 

I always make sure to have these mixes on hand! A perfect solution to help with leg cramps–I notice I get them when I’m not getting enough electrolytes. I love that it’s naturally sweetened to boot!


Have you ever tried a subscription box? Which product sounds the best to you?

Ted Talk Friday: Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do

I have been so lucky to TA for an amazing class focused on the intersection of rhetoric and neuroscience. During the class, we have discussed the five pillars of rhetoric: Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery. I knew very little about rhetoric coming into the course, but I have loved learning about it and the endless connections it has with neuroscience and the human condition. In a recent class focused on memory, we focused on the method of loci or “memory palaces,” which is an ancient technique of memorization. It is an amazing tool for memorizing just about anything–from a speech to content for a test. Watch the Ted Talk by Joshua Foer to learn more!

Do you struggle with memorization? Had you heard of memory palaces before this video?

Queen Bey Likes Popcorn 

I used to always be the party host in high school, but after coming to college I let go of that role. I loved it, but I can’t say it was always easy. The host has to plan, coordinate, invite, which is all fun, but also comes with a lot of responsibility! If you forget someone, you hurt their feelings. If you forget chips, the guac gets lonely. If you’ve ever hosted, I’m sure you understand! I’m a host of imperfection, and you see past all that (Beyoncé, 2006).

Now this imperfection bothers me less so when one of my good friends at college and I came up with a brilliant party idea, I knew it was time to bring back my host identity. And the planning for a baby shower for Beyoncé’s newly announced pregnancy began. We made sure to plan a few things ahead of time, but a lot of it was kept very low key. We divided the tasks and she generously offered her apartment for the venue. It could not have been easier or more fun!

Our guests were welcomed starting at the front door:

Obviously we also had plenty of (spiked) Lemonade

Blue(berry) Ivy Lemonade

When I learned from an article that Beyoncé LOVES popcorn, I knew that had to be on the party menu. Luckily, Live Love Pop was happy to provide some delicious popcorn to fuel our night of Beyoncé. Our snacks in formation:


Live. Love. Yoncé.

A bowl of my favorite salt and vinegar flavor, which was followed by getting down on the dance floor…

Get it poppin’


I love sharing my love of Live Love Pop–thank you!

And an even bigger thank you to my first college friend and fellow Beyoncé lover, Naomi:

“Freakum dress out my closet, Yoncé filling out this skirt I look damn good, I ain’t lost it.” (Beyoncé, 2013)


Are you always the host? What’s your favorite party theme?