Little Update: 2023 so far

Hi! I have not posted in quite some time, although it wasn’t without good reason! I was finishing up my last two years of coursework, research, and clinical work while pursuing my PhD in counseling psychology. The past few years felt like a whirlwind and a lifetime all at once. Now, I find myself sitting in a small house in the Bay Area with my fiancé, coming close to defending my dissertation, and working as an doctoral psychology intern at Stanford University.

For those who have used this blog as a tool for navigating grad school applications, I hope to write a blog series about the process of applying for internship in the coming months. For those of you here to support me (or find #strangebutgood receipes), thank you for continuing to show up and being patient through the radio silence of the last few years.

2023 has come with many exciting opportunities and I find myself feeling immensely grateful for all that’s to come. That being said, I’d be lying if all the changes have been a breeze. Like most of us, change can bring up my own anxieties, and there has been a picture of excitement and anxiety. A new mentor of mine has coined this feeling as “anxcited” and I think that might be the word that sums up 2023 so far.

Cheers to the anxcitement to come!

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