Ted Talk Friday: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

This Ted Talk changed my life. No, I am not exaggerating! This lecture is relevant and so deeply important to all of us. Dr. Harris integrates all of the pieces of childhood trauma to paint a clear picture of its impact and creates a call to arms for all of us. It is easy to downplay theories about how negative experiences during childhood might impact us, but numbers do not lie. I hope you enjoy this talk!


Have you heard of ACES before this video? What do you think?

Ted Talk Friday: “Locker room talk.” Says who?

This Ted Talk always sticks with me; Alexis Jones is so down to Earth and does a great job expressing the message of what we have wrong with our idea of being “manly.” I think this talk is something that every male athlete, and really every person who might engage in subtle–or not so subtle–sexism, needs to watch. Her inspirational delivery is empowering and the sixteen minute talk flies by. I hope you enjoy!


What do you think of the talk?

Breakfast for Dinner Days (+product review)

Summer at my house means late dinners and lazy evenings, but when my nephew comes to town we have to make sure to eat a bit earlier (aka before his bedtime). I would argue this is healthier, but it means we have to throw dinner together a little faster sometimes! Luckily, we thought of breakfast for dinner. This is a fun, special treat and how can you go wrong with sweet pancakes and savory eggs?


I love developing new pancake recipes, but now was not the time for a pancake distasteful so we opted to try a new pancake mix I just received from Phoros Nutrition (it’s sold on Amazon).


The mix contains just a few ingredients and you only need water and eggs. I love how much the batter rises–just a glimpse into how fluffy the pancakes are!


The batter was absolutely delicious, and it wasn’t too sweet like so many pancake mixes out there. There was a slight banana taste that we all loved! We added just a small six-year-old handful of mini chocolate chips to our pancakes too…











The pancakes cooked up quickly on our griddle set to medium heat (about 350 degrees). They were done just in time for us to enjoy them alongside some scrambled eggs with veggies.

We all enjoyed our pancakes topped with our preferred toppings…Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Maple Syrup, Betsy’s Best Almond Butter, and chocolate fudge syrup! The pancakes tasted perfectly thick and fluffy with a slight hint of banana flavor. They were a hit with everyone! I will definitely have to order another bag of mix!



Disclaimer: I was provided a free bag of Phoros Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix to review, however this post represents my honest thoughts and opinions. 

Ted Talk Fridays: Living without shame

After seeing the show Mortified live in San Francisco, I started thinking more about shame and its power in our lives. If you haven’t heard of Mortified, it is basically a traveling show where adults share embarrassing teen journal entries on stage; it is a comedy show, but full of openness, empathy, and vulnerability. When we let shame go unaddressed, we often let it take over and box us into our fears, and I think this Ted Talk does a great job of addressing the shame that comes with weight and body image, especially for women in the US. “Living without shame: How we can empower ourselves” really shows how facing our fears head on takes so much of the shameful feelings out of shame. I hope you enjoy this talk!


What do you think of shame? Do you think talking about shame in the open is helpful?

Travel+Eats+Emotions in Northern California 

My mom and I booked a last minute trip to visit San Mateo after learning this will be my new home! After leaving the house at 4AM Tuesday morning, we arrived in San Francisco exhausted, but ready to explore.


We took it easy and explored the area and looked at a few potential housing options before grabbing a late dinner in downtown San Mateo at Hummus. I thought it was just okay–nothing too special!

The next day just so happened to be my birthday, and yes I am feeling 22! So we went to Half Moon Bay, enjoyed artisan tea at the cutest coffee shop, went thrifting, and finally stopped at an adorable produce stand on the side of the road.

We also stopped at this great restaurant called Tres Amigos! I got the grilled chicken salad–I loved the addition of jicama and orange slices!


Doesn’t this look so fresh?

That night we drove to Mountain View and met up with a dear friend who works at Google. He gave us a tour of the incredible campus–from snack bars to arcade rooms! After the tour, we grabbed a delicious dinner together.

A plate of goodies from the buffet style cafeteria!

The next day, Thursday, was just as busy with apartment hunting! After scoping out a few places I found one I loved and submitted an application, which was followed by a celebratory Whole Foods lunch! We went back to our hotel exhausted later that evening, got a quick dinner, then enjoyed popcorn, Questbars, and the show “Girlboss” on Netflix (we were not big fans of the show).

Delicious fresh lunch from the Whole Foods hot bar!

We certainly needed the night of R&R before our last day. We got up and went to more apartment viewings and then got the wonderful news that I had an apartment secured! I was so excited, but that also meant the move actually felt real…

*cue the water works*

So I completely lost it in the Smart & Final parking lot for a solid 30 minutes, but I am SO beyond excited for this new adventure. After my mini-meltdown, we got a delicious lunch in cutesy downtown Burlingame and eventually went into the city to see a show called Mortified before our red eye back home.

Thai Chicken Salad–this chicken was some of the best I’ve had in my life!

So much has happened within the past week; it is mind-boggling, but in the best of ways.

I think this sign I saw in San Francisco sums it up pretty well.

Ted Talk Friday: How Airbnb designs for trust

The idea of Airbnb sounds  horrifying at face value; you’re letting random strangers come into the most personal intimate space you have–your home. Yes, the strangers are paying to stay there, but it still sounds bizarre and generally surprising that so many of us take this leap of faith. Joe Gebbia does a great job explaining how the platform builds this trust:

I’ve stayed at Airbnbs and have always had a great experience. Have you tried Airbnb?

Ted Talk Friday: How to become more confident

“How to become more confident — lay down on the street for 30sec” doesn’t exactly sound promising, but I promise it’s worth a watch! Till H. Groß takes it to an extreme, but I can definitely relate to his talk. I have found that taking (calculated) risks really helps with day-to-day fears and anxieties; I went skydiving with my mom and love roller coasters. Both of these activities induce fear and a level of vulnerability, but they help decrease my feelings of fear. Groß nails the idea that it can be hard to tell who is anxious and fearful versus those who are not…enjoy the talk!



Are you going to try laying down in the street for 30 seconds?

Odorklenz: A stealthy stench solution for athletes

I was thrilled when I got the chance to try OdorKlenz SPORT. I have been playing sports (aka suffering from bad-smelling shoes) since I was little, and it seems like any kind of physical activity tends to leave some kind of unpleasant odor in shoes, socks, workout shorts, etc. While my Pilates attire certainly does not have a smell quite like my cleats from youth soccer, I would not call the smell pleasant.

Isn’t this bag great?

Needless to say, it is impossible to wash a lot of gear right away, which makes the OdorKlenz SPORT powder and SPORT release bag great options when you are on the go. I know I am planning to pack both on my next trip–I always bring workout clothes on vacation, but they end up stinking up everything in the suitcase! I love using bags to organize clothing for vacation, and the fact that this product helps eliminate odor is even better.

I even tried the powder  in my Dad’s shoes (shhh..) and I can attest from pre- and post-testing that they do smell much better. The powder comes out of the bottle evenly (so often these bottles dump out a ton of powder at once, which drives me crazy) and is free of perfumes and masking agents, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. It relies on zinc oxide as a natural, non-toxic deodorizer and just a few dabs of the powder did the trick. I can’t wait to use this in my tennis shoes, gym bags, and even using it to wipe down my Pilates mat.


The sport laundry additive is such a great product for sports gear that just never smells or feels clean–we all have that one pair of socks that seem like they will never smell the same again…

 The laundry additive works in conjunction with your regular laundry detergent to go the extra mile to get ride of the extra-strength smell! As you can see from the detergent I use (Tide Free and Clear) my skin is highly sensitive to fragrances and additives, so I can rest easy knowing that this product contains no masking agents or added fragrances, just like the sport powder! You just add one packet per load at the beginning of the wash cycle and it’s done! 

I am so glad I found these products and cannot wait to keep using them. My nephew plays tons of sports (I love to brag on his soccer skills) and I know that little boy cleats always have a special scent so I will have to share with his mom too.

They even have a pet shampoo and and pet litter additive to minimize unpleasant animal odors! The litter additive is next on my must-try list; anyone with three cats knows how quickly the smell of the litter box can take over the whole house!

I love the products, and the company has great customer service is wonderful and stands by everything with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Which product do you want to try first?
Disclaimer: I was sent my Odorklenz SPORT kit as part of a  Fresh Press Media Campaign. All opinions remain my own!

Ted Talk Friday: The secret to creating the beloved community

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Doug Shipman give two keynote addresses and was enthralled by his engaging style. He is an alum of my own college and he speaks to values like community and social justice; this talk address the importance of building community physically, not just through social media or the façade of community. It saddens me to think that we might slowly be losing this sense of connection. I deeply appreciate this talk, especially the advice to lessen the fear associated with cultural differences; sometimes we will offend people, but it is worth it when we are pursuing open, deep connections. As an introvert, I can relate to why this might feel easier, but Shipman explains the problems that can, and will, arise as a result.

Do you think we (as a society) have a problem with community?

Holding Out for a HERO!

The new Quest Nutrition hero BAR!

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 7.22.29 PM

I have tried two flavors so far, although I am DYING to get my hands on the chocolate caramel pecan flavor…


I loved both flavors (blueberry cobbler and vanilla caramel) that I got the chance to try prior to the release. The rich white chocolate-like coating combined with the crunchy cereal-bar base created the perfect texture. Not to mention the caramel and blueberry layers; the caramel layer blew me away. They both were gooey, sweet, and delicious. No one would ever guess that these bars are healthy! Hero bars combine the best of the older seasonal pumpkin quest bars and the new cereal bars. These are my new go-to treat!

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 7.22.45 PM

These bars are sweetened with allulose, which is a sweetener that is new to the market. While the allulose is listed as a sugar on the label, the body does not absorb it…watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation::

Nutrition aside, these bars taste DELICIOUS!


Are you excited to try the new Hero Bar? Which flavor sounds the best to you?