Moments of Beauty


I am so blessed to have this beauty as part of my walk to classes every morning. Although this week has been rainy, humid, and dreary, I am grateful to have this beautiful scenery and the frequent sunny, mild days of Southern fall. It’s easy for me to feel annoyed at the slightest inconvenience; just missing the shuttle to main campus for class, stepping in a puddle, a (extraordinarily) bad hair day…but when all is said and done, those things are inconsequential in the grand scheme of life.

Occasionally, this line of reasoning can lead to guilt and feelings of unworthiness for the lucky circumstances of your life. When reframing in a positive way, it only leads to gratitude, joy, and sighs of content. Mindfulness is key to tuning into these beautiful, sometimes mundane, moments. Mindfulness is a constant battle in the face of tests, Instagram, and work, but appreciating the times when I am capable of achieving a fleeting moment of zen makes me strive to have them even more.

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