Detox With Sparkles…?

Anyone who knows me automatically knows that I am very unlikely to be involved with anything sparkly…except sparkling water! (Who can resist a good pun?!) Real talk: I am actually really nervous about #SparklingDetox. I am a self-proclaimed tea lover and thrive on caffeine, especially mid-afternoon when I’m feeling drained. I started the tea addiction innocently enough; it began with tea parties with my mom when I was four. Our tea parties have progressed from dainty china teacups to mega-mugs full of high-caffeine black tea! I thoroughly enjoy the quality time with my mom (and also the caffeine buzz…), but I’m nervous/excited to see how my body copes without it.

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Just as a reminder, from the 12th of September to the 16thme and other detoxers will replace all liquids with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. I’m a college student so preparation will mean that I’m planning to tote 3-4 bottles of Gerolsteiner to campus with me everyday! People often laugh because I inevitably carry 2 full water bottles wherever I go, but it adds a little extra workout to the day–plus it’s an incentive to drink! I will probably drink one during my morning classes, sip one over lunch, and then have the last bottle in the evening (and perhaps another at night if I’m on campus for a late meeting).

I constantly throw back cups of tea throughout the day and don’t think much of it, but someone recently asked me about how I rehydrate myself. I never thought about the fact that perhaps my tea consumption could actually have a negative effect, so I decided to delve into the research. It seems that tea and coffee’s dehydrating effects are MYTHS! I feel relieved to find this out, but I’m excited to see how my body responds. Although the research was mixed and the idea that tea dehydrates the body was generally debunked, I believe everyone’s body functions at least a little bit differently and I wonder how I will feel and what I will notice.

In thinking about my perceptions of the detox, I want to talk a bit about mindfulness! Yes, it’s a hot buzzword. It’s very important, but it’s particularly important when trying out new lifestyle choices. In the world of advice columns, quick-fix drugs, diets, I think so many of us are out of touch with our body and how we feel. Have a headache? Take an Advil. Instead, I think taking a moment to think about why you have a headache is so beneficial. Try sitting down in a quiet place for a few minutes, eating a light snack, or having a sip of water. If none of these small tweaks help, certainly take the Advil, but I think we often take our body for granted and fail to give it the basic self-care it needs. With this detox I am going to focus on more than just changing the liquids I consume, but I will also focus on how I am feeling both physically and mentally as a result of the switch. So here’s to putting your body and its need first–cheers!

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