Product Review: BioClarity + Giveaway (11/07)

I was thrilled when BioClarity reached out with a month long trial of their skincare products! I have never suffered from serious skin issues, but in stressful times I definitely experience annoying breakouts. Given that I am a senior in college, I am feeling some serious stress so I was grateful for an extra set of tools to help keep my skin clear.

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I have sensitive skin, so products are often too harsh, irritating, or drying to my skin. Luckily, I did not have those problems at with BioClarity! I am not sure why that might be, but this product is definitely unique. It is made using Floralux, which is naturally derived from chlorophyll. It is a three-step program with a wash, treatment, and restore gel. My favorite product is the restore gel, which is actually bright green. This product is actually very soothing, even for my sensitive skin. I have been happy with how much these products have helped calm my skin, while also being effective.

In the midst of this stressful year, I am glad that I have to worry a little bit less about my skin and can focus more on what matters. I definitely do not feel that skin should dictate mood or beauty, but I know I feel less confident when I am having skin issues. I hope that one day I won’t let my physical appearance impact how I feel about myself, but for now, I do.

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If you want to try BioClarity for yourself you can either buy it with a special discount or enter the giveaway going on now through November 7, 2016! If you want to purchase your own BioClarity, use discount code is “HANNAH” at checkout or click here.

If you want to enter the giveaway (ends 11/07/16), follow this link to enter on instagram:

Good luck!

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