Holidays and Health + (Giveaway 11/25)

The holidays are coming…how are you feeling? Are you tired? Do you feel energized? Are you burnt out? Are you anxious?

The media often focuses on other health effects of the holidays, such as weight gain, excessive sugar consumption, or lack of exercise. Yes, all of these are important, but physical stress of the holidays do not tell the whole story.


Physical activity and eating well are acts of self-care; this does not mean taking a break from working out or eating a few cookies is a bad thing. When we listen and are in tune with our body, we know that these breaks and treats are necessary. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but “letting life get in the way” for the whole holiday season is not healthy. It is important to keep self-care in mind and know that even the craziness of the holidays should not have a long-term negative impact on your wellbeing. Exercise is a potent stress reliever and allows time for escape, quite, and reflection–or perhaps a complete lack of thinking for those into SoulCycle or other extraordinarily loud exercise classes!

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Obviously these choices are not easy, but sometimes taking an hour away from holiday festivities, whether that means skipping your tenth holiday party or heading to the gym for an hour during a family holiday trip, is the best choice. Please do not neglect your physical and mental wellbeing this holiday season. Luckily, Designer Protein is making it easy with a GIVEAWAY and series on staying healthy throughout the holidays.

Now, for the details of the giveaway…you can win your own Designer Protein product! In order to enter:

Follow @craving_happy and @designerprotein on Instagram
Describe your number one tip for staying healthy this holiday season on an Instagram post of your own using #healthupyourholidays @designerprotein @craving_happy #sweatpink
Extra entry: visit and leaving a comment with the product you would most like to try

6 thoughts on “Holidays and Health + (Giveaway 11/25)

  1. OMG thank you so much Hannah for this opportunity, I’ve been wanting to try Designer Protein for so long! I’d honestly be happy with any of their products, but I really want to try their LITE protein! Maybe vanilla cupcake? Any flavor sounds good to me! Their supergreens seem amazing as well! I really hope to win this!

  2. So many factors affect our health this time of year – cold weather, stress, holiday parties, more parties ;-). Definitely getting that much needed exercise, but also trying to work in some massages / sauna time this season!

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