Tips for Quick Eats

If you’re anything like me, I realize that I am STARVING and it’s I need to eat dinner asap. My body can’t wait an hour for a casserole to cook! Given this problem, I’ve come up with some pretty creative, easy solutions to get a meal ready to go in less than twenty minutes. Usually, this starts with a good weekly meal prep! I always have some basic staples on hand–easy sources of protein (tuna, eggs, grilled chicken, etc.), greens, and prepped veggies.

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Meal prep–>less stress

Sometimes I divvy up my prepped ingredients in containers for the week for lunches, or I’ll keep it all ready in the fridge to whip up a quick dinner.

When it comes to cooking veggies and protein sources quickly–I have all the tricks! For veggies that take a while to roast or sauté (think cauliflower, winter squash, green beans, etc.) I recommend giving them a quick steam in the microwave! I know, I know. Steamed veggies=soft, flavorless health foods…BUT, if you steam them for half the recommended time then give them a quick roast at 400-425 Fahrenheit to crisp them up–perfection!

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Another trick if your dealing with a veggie that’s particularly tricky to chop like a whole cabbage, cauliflower, or winter squash, simply stick it in the oven whole! Make sure to wash it well then pop it in the oven until it’s slightly soft to the touch. Take it out and let it cool for a bit, then it becomes incredibly easy to chop. After chopping, pop it back in the oven to get that extra crispiness!

What do you do to save time in the kitchen? Do you get hangry and desperate for dinner?

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