Bulu box: Christmas every month 

When I got the chance to try out a month long subscription to bulu box, I was thrilled! I used to get the box years ago, but let it lapse. I completely forgot how much fun it is to get a box of surprise goodies every month!

I opened up my March box and found a TON of fun new things to try:

When I saw that the box included a daily dark chocolate supplement, I was sold! Of course I had to share this with my dad, and he gave the mini bars two thumbs up!

A great iron supplement for sensitive tummies:

My favorite gummy vitamins–Smarty Pants! I love the taste and texture of these vitamins, plus the name is fantastic. You know that $2 coupon will come in handy 😉

I wasn’t a huge fan of the cleanse product, but it’s still fun to try a new brand! I’ve heard good things about Shapeologist. 
I cannot wait to try Crave Crush! This product sounds kind of like a mint when you are just feeling peckish, but not really hungry. I have the tendency to mindlessly snack so much before dinner that I’m not even hungry when the meal is ready–this could be a helpful solution!

I have seen tons of other fiber supplements, but I’ve never seen a liquid quite like this. I can’t wait to see how it tastes; I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 

I always make sure to have these mixes on hand! A perfect solution to help with leg cramps–I notice I get them when I’m not getting enough electrolytes. I love that it’s naturally sweetened to boot!


Have you ever tried a subscription box? Which product sounds the best to you?

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