Ted Talk Friday: What makes technology so habit-forming?

Nir Eyal is an Emory alum and has been referenced numerous times in one of my favorite podcasts, Note to Self. He poses an interesting idea about technology and why it has a death grip on our minds and behaviors. I think he is really on to something; I find myself compulsively checking my Instagram, Facebook messages, and even this blog on occasion. I think it is all about setting healthy limits and using technology in ways that enhance wellbeing rather than detract from it.


Do you agree with Eyal’s argument?

2 thoughts on “Ted Talk Friday: What makes technology so habit-forming?

  1. This is such an important topic. I’ve really been trying to step away / set limits with technology, but it’s … a work in progress! I’m especially bad about not turning off my phone before bed. Argh.

    1. It is so hard!! I’m working on that one too—it’s so tempting to scroll through Instagram a few more times!!

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