Ted Talk Friday: My story is painted on my body

I picked this talk randomly while looking for a shorter talk. At first I was not enjoying this, but it quickly took a turn halfway through. I was so intrigued how a young girl who was bullied then became a bully herself. I am sometimes naive to think that empathy is inherent and that we always learn by experience. Hearing this young woman reflect on her experiences really made me pause and think.

Are you surprised she was a bully after being bullied?

3 thoughts on “Ted Talk Friday: My story is painted on my body

  1. I’ll have to get into these Ted Talks more often. There’s some really intriguing ones. I’ll have to say as someone who has been bullied, I don’t find it too surprising that she was a bully herself. It’s kind of like a protection mechanism and it’s definitely not okay though.

    1. Thank you for that interesting insight—that makes a lot of sense. Kids can be vicious, even if incredibly resilient. Yes! I post a ted talk every week 🙂

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