Ted Talk Friday: The cost of work stress–and how to reduce it

I really enjoyed this Ted Talk; it was recorded in February of this year and it brought me back to a time before COVID-19 changed the landscape of our lives in the United States. I think the intersection of public health, psychology, and economics create one of the most compelling arguments for change at the individual, workplace, and policy level. While I wish Cooke tapped into the importance of socioeconomic status and the systemic disparities that exist in the United States more, he does a wonderful job of addressing this topic at a time when work stress, or stress related to unemployment, is at an all-time high. This talk is definitely worth a listen–the last few minutes are my favorite 🙂



What did you think of the talk? Do you think about the cost of work stress in your own life?

One thought on “Ted Talk Friday: The cost of work stress–and how to reduce it

  1. I loved it–thanks for sharing. I think work stress has really taken a toll on my physical health. It’s been harder with quarantine too.

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