Ted Talk Friday: The cost of work stress–and how to reduce it

I really enjoyed this Ted Talk; it was recorded in February of this year and it brought me back to a time before COVID-19 changed the landscape of our lives in the United States. I think the intersection of public health, psychology, and economics create one of the most compelling arguments for change at the individual, workplace, and policy level. While I wish Cooke tapped into the importance of socioeconomic status and the systemic disparities that exist in the United States more, he does a wonderful job of addressing this topic at a time when work stress, or stress related to unemployment, is at an all-time high. This talk is definitely worth a listen–the last few minutes are my favorite 🙂



What did you think of the talk? Do you think about the cost of work stress in your own life?

4 thoughts on “Ted Talk Friday: The cost of work stress–and how to reduce it

  1. I loved it–thanks for sharing. I think work stress has really taken a toll on my physical health. It’s been harder with quarantine too.

  2. Thanks for posting these. I wanted to reach out since I saw your research interests on your About Me page, and they align in some ways with mine (I’m a nurse researcher). I also noticed that your full name is (logically) not on your website, but I would love to be able to follow you on LinkedIn or Research Gate if that’s not too freaky. I promise, I’m just another researcher interested in similar phenomena (I can send you my link to my faculty webpage if you’d like…). I’ll also start following your blog, because the topics are all really interesting to me! Hope you’re having a good start to your summer.

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