Interrupting Ted Talk Friday for a Special Reason…

I’ve released a podcast! Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve been working on this idea for the past eight months as part of the Kentucky Psychological Association Leadership Academy. This program is new and provides early career psychologists, including students, with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and complete a leadership-focused project.

Podcast Logo_1 (1)

My project stemmed from my love of interviewing interesting people and hearing the stories of individuals I admire. Each episode features a leader in the field of psychology in Kentucky who shares their career trajectory and their vision of leadership. We have fun conversations and hard conversations and we grapple with the challenges of staying motivated, changing policy, and managing the unique personal and professional challenges we’ve faced this past month in the wake of COVID-19 and increased racial violence.

I hope you enjoy! You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podbean (coming soon to Spotify!):

Announcing a New Series: Applying to Graduate School

Hi all! I’ve been toying with a new idea for a while and I’ve decided to officially go through with it after speaking with some friends who are applying for graduate school this cycle. I remember starting my graduate school application process and feeling lost, overwhelmed, and worried. The process feels complicated and disorganized, and there are few helpful sources for guidance. So the purpose of my series is to provide a step by step guide for those applying to graduate school, specifically psychology PhD programs, although I hope it can be useful for applying to other types of programs.

If you’re thinking about graduate school, these questions might be on your mind…

  • What type of program is right for me?
  • Would a masters degree or Ph.D. be a better fit?
  • Am I qualified?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • Am I financially able to pursue a graduate degree?
  • What type of financial support could I get at my program?
  • Do I need to take (or retake) the GRE?
  • What is the application process like?
  • How much do applications cost?

The list could go on! I remember sitting in a coffee shop in San Francisco in July of 2018 with multiple spreadsheets open on my computer as I was just starting to think about these questions. It was scary, but also exciting. I hope that this series will be useful in breaking down each step of the process based on my own experiences, including the good and the bad!

Ted Talk Friday: The Courage to Live With Radical Uncertainty

The title of this talk caught my attention while looking through recently released Ted Talks. The speaker, Shekinah Elmore, is an oncologist and cancer survivor offers a beautifully eloquent talk about managing uncertainty in life. While she uses cancer as a touchstone, the concepts she incorporates apply far beyond cancer. I was touched by this talk and how Elmore takes her story and experiences and uses it in her personal and professional life. I hope this talk brings you as much joy as it brought me!

What do you think about Elmore’s approach to radical uncertainty? Do you find yourself scared and living less fully when you are afraid?

Ted Talk Friday: The urgency of intersectionality

You might have heard the term “intersectionality” floating around or maybe you are incredibly familiar with it, but I believe everyone can learn from this amazing Ted Talk given by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw. Dr. Crenshaw describes what intersectionality is and how and why it matters. She provides clear examples that paint a picture of what the complex experience of prejudice and oppression look like. I watched this talk as part of my participation in Academics for Black Survival and Wellness, which was an incredible program to foster accountability and growth for non-Black people dedicated to anti-racist action; thank you to this organization for sharing this talk and creating a beautiful space for growth.


Had you heard of intersectionality before this talk? Did you feel emotionally shaken after this talk?

Working Towards Being Anti-Racist: Thoughts & Resources

Long time, no talk! If you’re like me, you’ve being doing a lot of introspection, reading, protesting, documentary-watching, and maybe crying a bit more than usual. What a painful time for this country, but also what a time for growth and change. I am lucky to be finishing out my first year in a doctoral counseling psychology program where social justice is at the core of our education and training. Being in a program like that, plus having an amazing advisor, has provided a great space to reflect, process, and learn.

I certainly don’t have many answers, but I did want to share some ideas and resources that have helped me over the past few weeks. Keep in mind that my identity as a white woman has shaped how I’ve educated myself and what resources I’ve chosen so what I’m writing below might not fit for you. Please comment with any resources you’ve found helpful or if you have critiques about any of the resources. I’d be excited to learn from you!

This photo from The Conscious Kid and I’ve been glad to see it floating around Facebook or Instagram. You might have already seen this, but it is powerful and moving to read through.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 10.46.28 PM

I have also found many resources through this document, Scaffolded Anti-racism Resources (SAR) It is an amazing resource compiled by others and shared with me by my advisor. Please think about donating to the organizations cited at the top if you do make use of it. What I love about SAR is that it helps you think about where you are in your learning process to determine what resources might be most helpful for you. The document provides some detail about this, but the different levels (i.e.”scaffolding”) come from the Helms’ White Racial Identity Model. I highly recommend you check out this model if you are a white person who wants to learn about where you are and how best to educate yourself.

I won’t take up time and space here, but I encourage you to seek our resources created by Black people (and support them for those resources in the ways that you can).

What I’m Listening To: Podcast round-up

I’ve been trying to listen to fewer news-related podcasts recently. I typically limit my news consumption to NPR’s Morning Edition combined with a short evening update from NPR to make sure I’m aware of any major events from the day. I find that scrolling through endless articles or engaging in the 24 hour news cycle leaves me feeling drained and anxious. I usually stream podcasts through the NPR One app or download and stream them through Spotify. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

1. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown: My mom told me about this podcast and highly recommended that I listen. At first I was hesitant because I feel like I have plenty of podcasts that I enjoy, but I decided to give it a try since I love Brené Brown (and my mom has great taste).  I usually try to listen to podcast episodes in order, but this time I decided to jump in with an episode my mom loved–“I’m Sorry: How to Apologize & Why It Matters.” As I said earlier, my mom has great taste in people and podcasts, and the two part series on apologizing was incredible.


2. Modern Love: This is one of my favorite go-to podcasts. I discovered it while in college and find the short essays to be engaging, entertaining, and relaxing. I often finish an episode with a feeling of happiness and hope! The podcast is based on the Modern Love column in the New York Times and the essays are read aloud for the podcast by various actors. Most episodes will either bring you to tears or to laughter!


3. How I Built This: Here is another NPR podcast that I love! This podcast focuses on the story of founders behind big companies, like Whole Foods or Impossible Foods. I love learning the backstory on how these companies became successful and the personal journeys of the founders are super interesting!

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 10.07.42 AM

4. On Being: Krista Tippett, the host of this podcast, has arguably one of the most soothing voices out there. If you are feeling anxious or down, this is a great one. On Being episodes are basically a conversation between Krista Tippett and guests who come from all walks of life (e.g. John Lewis, Ruby Sales, Indigo Girls, Bessel van der Kolk) that revolve around philosophy, life, wisdom, and love.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 10.12.42 AM

5. WorkLife: My advisor actually recommended this podcast to me after we had a conversation about burnout. The host, Adam Grant, is a fantastic writer (his book Give and Take is one of my favorites) and his podcast episodes are equally compelling! Even if you are not as interested in psychology in the workplace, this podcast is relevant to all spheres of life.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 10.16.54 AM



What are some of your favorite podcasts? Were there any podcasts on this list that you had not heard of?